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My name is Henrik Lovdokken. I was born in Norway in a village called Gol. At an early age, I asked myself what is the meaning with life? In my teenage years I began to study and practice yoga. On my eighteenth birthday I was sitting reading the chapter about reincarnation from the book Fourteen Lesson in Yoga Philosophy by Yogi Ramacharaka. No one had explained reincarnation to me before, but I realized then that reincarnation was a fact that I had lived before and would live other lives after this. From this I got a wider understanding of life, but still was searching for a deeper meaning.


A couple of years later I obtained a book called The Nine Freedoms published by The Aetherius Society. Some months later I bought The Twelve Blessings also published by the same organization. These publications taught me the meaning with life, our past, the present and our future.


I felt I had to become a member of The Aetherius Society to further learn the teachings and to help the organization in some ways. I become a member in 1966 and have remained a member since, because I feel in my hearts of hearts that the teachings and missions of The Aetherius Society is vital to the world as a whole. Our world is going through many changes, many people are searching for deeper meaning with life. A New Age is dawning and we have to build it. With the right tools at hand, working together we can build a beautiful New Age on our earth where peace, love for all, and true brotherhood becomes the norm. Once built we still have to work to keep this New Age in existence.


I live in Los Angeles. I retired from Sony Electronics after many years with the company. I plan to use my retirement years to help where I can to educate people to a deeper understanding of life based upon the teachings of The Aetherius Society.

Overlooking Pacific Ocean

My home town Gol in Norway

©  2014 A Bright Future

©  2014 A Bright Future