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The Nine Freedoms Arrives


Just before my twentieth birthday I obtained a copy of the book The Nine Freedoms published by The Aetherius Society. At first it was difficult for me to understand what the book was about, but when I started reading the commentaries by the author, George King, I got answers to my question what is the purpose of life, where do we come from, why are we here on earth and what is our future. The Nine Freedoms contains a set of Cosmic Transmissions given by Mars Sector 6 in 1961 and outlines the journey every one of us has to take through evolution. Intuitively I knew what was written in this book was the truth. It did not matter what other people said because I knew in my heart that this book, The Nine Freedoms, explains in a simple way the path all people must follow to obtain enlightenment.


The first three Freedoms are Bravery, Love and Service. No matter what religion or faith one belong to, everyone will have to follow these steps. The Nine Freedoms goes much further, explaining Ascension and life beyond. I truly believe that The Nine Freedoms will be taught in all schools to all people on earth at some time in our future. Of this there can be no doubt. Study it for yourself.

The motto of The Aetherius Society is from The Nine Frredoms:

"Service is The Jewel in the Rock of Attainment"

First Edition of

The Nine Freedoms

My first Encounter with The Twelve Blessings


I arrived in the north of Norway in the beginning of January 1966. The place was far above the Arctic Circle, the temperature about minus 30 degrees centigrade; no sunshine and only daytime light of 4 hours.


One of the first things I did when I arrived there was to order The Twelve Blessings from the Fowler book company in London. Some months previous to this I had bought The Nine Freedoms and this publication had given me the answers to all the questions I had about life and death. In that book Dr. King recommended studying and practicing The Twelve Blessings which was the second book I was about to buy published by The Aetherius Society.


I will never forget the day it arrived. Even before I opened the envelope, I felt vibrations all over my body. As soon as I started reading the texts of The Twelve Blessings, I felt a definite presence and I knew beyond a doubt that these were the words of The Master Jesus, the same Jesus who walked the earth about 2000 years ago. It did not matter if anyone else understood or appreciated these New Age Teachings of Jesus. I knew they came from Jesus. Even though the winter in the north of Norway was dark and cold, through The Twelve Blessings I was engulfed in a greater light I had ever known. Every day I read a passage from the book, and felt the love of Jesus.


For close to fifty years The Twelve Blessings has been a continued source of inspiration and comfort to me. Through its continued practice we can be of service to others by sending out love and spiritual energy to the world. The Twelve Blessings is by no means intended just for people who consider themselves Christians. These Teachings belong to all religions and faiths of the world. Obtain The Twelve Blessings, study and practice it, and you yourself must come to the same conclusion.

Early edition of

The Twelve Blessing

Quote from The Seventh Blessings:

“Oh my adorable children, seek within, find Peace and then leave it.

And then give it to those who have not found it—and you will be great, for you will be suffering so that others may pick the fruits of Wisdom."

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