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The Nine Freedoms

The Nine Freedoms is a groundbreaking metaphysical book that, for the first time, clearly outlines the exact evolutionary path we all must take in order to become our God-like selves.


Not only does it give the major steps towards attainment of the blissful state of Cosmic Consciousness; but it also explains how to attain the most elevated Spiritual state possible upon Earth ─ Ascension. We learn in The Nine Freedoms that even this is not the end. At that point, we are then able to leave the classroom Earth in order to attain new and continued powerful Spiritual experiences found within Interplanetary Existence.


The Nine Freedoms is available both in printed and digital forms. Also audio recordings of the actual Transmissions by Mars Sector 6 are available as well as lectures series on The Nine Freedoms given by Dr. George King.

Article on The Nine Freedoms (aetherius.org)

Website dedicated to The Nine Freedoms. Explanation is given of each Freedoms (theninefreedoms.org)

The Nine Freedoms on aetherius.org website for ordering the book.

CD album of The Cosmic Transmissions of The Nine Freedoms given through Dr. George King in 1961. 9 CDs in album.

Lecture series on The Nine Freedoms by Dr. George King. 18 CDs in album.

Podcasts made by members of The Aetherius Society dealing with many aspects of The Nine Freedoms.

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