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The Twelve Blessings

Starting on July 27th 1958 for 12 consecutive Sundays Jesus gave to the world his New Age Teaching called The Twelve Blessings. It includes a Cosmic Concept to widen our understanding of the universe – of God’s wonderful creation.


These teachings, given as actual blessings, are an extension of those He gave 2000 years ago. Here are mighty cosmic truths given with a simplicity which is the hallmark of the true understanding found only in the consciousness of a great Avatar.

The Cosmic Concept given the The Master Jesus in 1958


The Twelve Blessings is much more than a teaching, it is meant to be practiced. It contains wonderful unselfish prayers given by The Master Jesus. By practicing The Twelve Blessings by yourself or in groups you become a vehicle for love and light to flow forth to humanity. You are being used as a channel to give Spiritual Energy to the world. This is what the world desperately need. When enough people send out love and light in the right way, all the energy we need for our evolution will be given to us.


Humanity needs this power, this teaching, this cosmic love, in order to survive the ordeal of coming painful experiences.

Article on The Twelve Blessings (aetherius.org)

The Twelve Blessings - from Inner Peace to World Peace.

The Twelve Blessings on aetherius.org website for ordering the book.

CD album of The Cosmic Transmissions of The Twelve Blessings given through Dr. George King in 1958. 14 CDs in album.

The Twelve Blessings lectures series given by Dr. George King.

8 CDs in album.

In addition to the book of The Twelve Blessings, audio recordings of the actual Transmissions by The Master Jesus in 1958 as well as a lecture series on The Twelve Blessing given by Dr. George King are available.

Podcasts made by members of The Aetherius Society dealing with many aspects of The Twelve Blessings.

Excerpts by The Master Jesus


from the teachings of The Aetherius Society


The Cross

From The Twelfth Blessing


"This, My Children, is not the symbol of death. It is the Symbol of Resurrection. It is not the Symbol of the terrible death depicted by your foolish priests! It is the lasting Symbol of the Resurrection of the Spirit of Man, up to the Mighty Godhead - through Karmic Experience. That is what it is!"


Go Ye Forth

From The Twelve Blessings - the last chapter


"For two thousand years the Christian Religion has hidden the Great Truths contained within its Holy Work. You unordained ones must - if you would be saviours of your Planet - put right this most terrible wrong by spreading the extended teachings of Jesus, with their simple - yet profound - Cosmic Concept."


Stay Not This Light

From a Cosmic Transmission by The Master Jesus given on September 25t, 1959


"Oh my brothers, but a short time ago I saw fit to use the one before you (Dr. George King) so that a Cosmic appreciation may be introduced into My Work. Take this, My Work, to your very hearts and let the Light of it shine through your very souls so that you may know the very Power of God, which shineth through you now but dimly."


My Next Coming

From a Cosmic Transmission by The Master Jesus given on September 14th, 1957


"I came to Earth to teach you to Love - through God. Came I not to teach you to love Me - but your brother.


There is much spoken about My next Coming. I, Jesus, will not come again, save in this way - now or ever. I have not left you, nore, oh My sweet brothers, will I ever leave you."


Pray For These

From a Cosmic Transmission by The Master Jesus  on November 16, 1957


"I came to Earth in order to perform a mission. I GAVE MY LIFE TO EARTH, SO THAT SHE MAY BE SAVED FROM IMMINENT CATASTROPHY. I ask you now, in these days, to give all THAT YOU CAN GIVE SO THAT YOU CAN SAVE YOUR EARTH FROM IMMINENT CATASTROPHY. So that you can feed the hungry. So that you can educate the schemers. So that you Heal those who suffer. So that you can All become the very life-like image of the Great God from which you came. So that you can speed up your evolution and take your rightful place in the Cosmic Scheme of Things. So that you can become - You - which is - NOW - and BEING NOW - is THAT - AND BEING THAT - IS GOD. So That you can BECOME this God - And while becoming THIS - You rise in the Everlasting Light of you own BECOMING!"


Jesus Comes Again

From an article in Cosmic Voice No. 18, 1958 by Dr. George King


"Ten yards away to my right stood a Radiant Being from the bright Planet, Venus. One who, in the past had, "Gained strength from those He contacted upon the hills." Now in Radiant Glory He had returned to give this strength to all who were ready to receive it.

I knew instantly that the God-man who stood silently looking down upon me was Jesus."


To learn about this meeting with Jesus on Holdstone Down July 23rd, 1958, read the book by Dr. George King, Jesus Comes Again.


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