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Despite the problems in the world, we can make a great future on earth by cooperating together instead of competing. More and more people realize that we are all connected in some ways. Service to others is going to be required of us to enjoy this future on our beautiful planet.


The Twelve Blessings is Teachings given by The Master Jesus for the Aquarian Age.


There are many spiritual teachers in these days who teach how to gain better health, overcome negativity, how to gain greater enlightenment. This is all very good. The Aetherius Society teaches self development too, but emphasizes the importance to pray for others, to pray for the world as a whole, to be of service to others in whatever way one chooses.


The motto of The Aetherius Society is "Service is the Jewel in the Rock of Attainment". To pray unselfishly, to become a channel for spiritual energies, for love energies, to flow through oneself is someone everyone can do. It is one sure way of being of service in these days. We may never know what good we do, but no prayer is ever wasted.

The founder of The Aetherius Society Dr. George King was a Master in the manipulation of spiritual energies. He stated many times that there is only one energy crisis on earth and that is the spiritual energy crisis. When that is put right, all energy humanity needs for its evolution will be given to us. The Aetherius Society is sending out spiritual energies in different ways; individually, in group situations or by the use of specialized radionic instrumentations designed by Dr. George King.


We all can benefit by learning to pray correctly, how to become a channel for spiritual energies to flow through oneself to a world which desperately need this energy, this love energy. Unselfish prayers is a wonderful way to become a channel for spiritual energies, to send out love and healing. Even though not the motive, what we send out must come back and benefit in some ways the person who is praying. This according the law of Karma; the law which states that action and reaction is opposite and equal.


One of the most potent ways to pray is to practice The Twelve Blessings as given by The Master Jesus in 1958 through the mediumship of Dr. George King. Do this by yourself or join with others in a group to practice The Twelve Blessings as outlined in the book The Twelve Blessings published by The Aetherius Society. The Twelve Blessings is available in print and as eBook.

In this video Dr. King gives a short introduction to Operation Prayer Power. Dr. King designed a specialized battery to store prayer energy. People come together and spend many hours charging the prayer battery. The contents becomes greatly potentized and can be released quickly to be of great benefit.


This website is mainly about the organization The Aetherius Society and its teachings. I believe it is important to make the the teachings of The Aetherius Society better known throughout the world.

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